March 17 2014 | 2:34 pm

Sum Studios


Perhaps this is an indication of just how bad we’ve been at updating our site of late! But just look at the amount of work here! We’ve been busy! Around July time last year, back when the sun came out and even sometimes stayed out for longer than a few days, we moved into SUM Studios in Heeley. As well as the move we designed the identity for SUM and a whole host of other stuff. SUM is a converted victorian school at the top of Heeley (the new Berlin), Sheffield. Three buildings are being converted by Heeley Development Trust into work space, art space and community space. The project is still ongoing with the workspace completed and the other two in development. To launch the place we were brought in to (here goes)…


Name and design an identity for the project, inspired by the old stonework type that had been chiseled in many years ago…


We designed a bespoke typeface with our (then) brand new designer Dan (@itsverydan)





We produced signage including a book case / tenants directory as visitors walk in. Each new tenant gets their own book with the company name applied along the spine…In keeping with the schooling history of the place we convinced our clients it was a good idea to call the floors ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels. Get it?


We created a website for the place with neighbours The Brand New Idea




We were given pretty much free reign to throw a brilliant event to launch SUM, planning and designing everything from eats to entertainment. The evening featured none other than Richard Hawley, Steve Mackey and Jarvis on the decks for a one off Desperate Sound System on a sweltering night in July…


Using Instarium and a huge projector we immortalised all the attendees in a school photo that was projected as a live stream throughout the night…



We commissioned illustrator and friend Jon Boam to produce a mural on a blackboard wall on the night…



And, as if all that wasn’t enough, we somehow found time to present our work in the studio against the backdrop of a showreel of our work with the help of  Joe Brooks.



Even the buildings at SUM that aren’t inhabited are developing a life of their own! Artists Kid Acne and Florence Blanchard have been in to create artworks on the walls before artists fill the space. More of that here and a bit here. As for us, being residents at SUM, our work continues with plans for a printed piece to promote Sum Studios. As always, keep checking back for more and we’ll try and be better at keeping the site up to date! Honest, Sir.


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