July 4 2014 | 8:26 am

Reyt bien!

By way of getting into the spirit of the Grand Depart we have designed and screen printed a limited edition series of celebratory posters available to buy here. ‘Reyt bien’ was about as close as we could get to summing up our feelings about the Tour de France arriving in our fair city at the end of the pre-cursor to the big race. ‘Reyt’, for any of the uninitiated, or outside Yorkshire, is local for ‘right’. For anyone who managed to escape even the most basic of french lessons, bien is ‘good’. We expect you’ll get it and that didn’t need explaining, but it’s good to make sure, non? screenprinted by our good friends at Bradbury & Blanchard Gallery, as a limited edition of 42.

So, time is of the essence, you can buy now, for a limited time, as they will be flying off the shelves as quick as a flat-capped whippet chasing dreams of a yellow jersey. Buy here, buy now, or it’ll be zut alors all round.







Posted by paul