July 3 2014 | 3:38 pm

Dear Sheffield, love P&P


Sheffield Society of Architects kick started a project last year, gathering postcards from the people of sheffield of an illustration, a poem, a photo of their favourite building in the city. Sheffield is not known for its architecture – a city too busy working to be going to great lengths to look great – but there are now, in our post-industrial phase of life, lots of gems, old and new. And this was really about getting a personal slant on things. We had poems about life in Park Hill, linocuts of the city centre, photos of buildings long gone but still the source of memories for people.


Billed as ‘a postcard exhibition about our beautiful, surprising, soulful, cherished city’, it captured the mood – sometimes surprising – of the city and its feelings about itself. We created an exhibition made of panels that could be assembled, slotting into each other to build a ‘constructed’ exhibition visitors could wander through. We also created a pack of postcards that did the same, slots allow for the assembling of the cards into structures.

After a week on display at the Millennium Galleries the exhibition moved to the Moor Markets for the duration of inaugural Sheffield Design Week, where thousands of other Sheffielders got the chance to view.

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