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AF needed to look weighty, serious, intelligent, but not intimidating. Our graphic solution was about creating a timeless appeal - the new logo uses a heavy, balanced type with real gravitas. Interchangeable messages that snap on to the logo to allow AF to seamlessly express messages that emphasise the role of architecture in our lives. Underlining the text allows us to 'stack' these messages, for an architectural feel. It suited an organisation that was really credible, but not communicating that effectively..



Produced quarterly to showcase events and activities whilst also promoting the membership scheme. Our job was to pull all the information together - make it visual and make it work. Simple!

The streets, the bricks, the buildings, the people   


The Architecture Foundation has organised hundreds of public exhibitions, design initiatives, competitions and debates in venues across Britain and internationally.

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We produced a site that is fully content managed, allowing anyone, anytime at AF to populate the site with rich, exciting content. Utilising video, social media, and book marking, it is truly engaging as wide an audience as possible increasing their visibility in the public realm and helping break down those perceptions of elitism.

Art + Architecture Lectures 

Reinier de Graaf presents City in the Desert 

AND NOW WHAT: Rethinking Spatial Practice During Crisis 

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