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The Aims

  • Keep it simple
  • Shallow navigation
  • Content managed
  • No flash!
The Overview

Duggan Morris Architects (DMA) is an award-winning firm and one of the most revered emerging small practices working in London today, with an impressive portfolio of work that the new website needed to effectively showcase. Our objective was to keep the site simple, shallow on navigation, clutter-free, and to put the quality of work centre stage, with a slick, stylish presentation. The real challenge came in the clients' desire to retain full control of mangement and maintence post-launch.



The Solution

DMA's process of working is sleek and methodical, through idea generation and the broad thinking behind a building or scheme, to CGIs and models. Each project has a narrative sequence which we incorporated into the project navigation through a visual slideshow. The images for each project were of such a high quality that we made the website scalable so that they could be shown as large as possible on all formats, fully immersing the user into the content.


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