Connection and exhilaration

Electric Works is at the heart of the northÕs digital evolution and the growth of the creative and digital industries. A distinctive 24/7 workspace, it comes complete with a three-storey helter skelter.

Disordered Haste: The Film


We produced a short promo film to promote it's grand opening along with the publishing of the book Disordered Haste. The film features people using the now famous Helter Skelter which propels tenants and visitors from the top floor down.

The Building   


The name of the building has rich historical links. Stood on the former site of Electro Works, once an epicentre for the manufacture of cutlery it was decided to pay homage to the old as the new build transforms the site into the 21st century to become a central hub of industry and commerce for digital media in Sheffield.



Inspired by electric filaments and the twisting motion of the slide. We incorporated the EW letters into a unique symbol that creates an unbroken line of energy.

Disordered Haste: The Book   


How can offices be designed to meet the needs of creative and technology businesses? How will freelancers and small enterprises use their workspace as they become increasingly mobile? How can a Helter Skelter be good for business?

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