Eddy Fresh!

Kid Acne is a prolific graffiti artist, illustrator and rapper. He's also a mate of ours who weve worked with many times, most recently designing his website and blog. Anyone who makes a living drawing centaurs with gold chains and a Brixton briefcase is alright by us.

Kaskad Book

Robert Horne is the UK's largest paper merchant. One of their biggest markets is the graphic design industry - in other words, people like us. We were asked to promote their range of coloured paper, Kaskad. We originally pitched the idea of a series of artist books with Kid Acne being the first to feature.



Foil blocked, 5 colour, French folded, two sided belly band, perfect bound with short fall pages, 8 stock shades in 3 different weights. We know what other designers like.


Download knitting

To keep readers warm we also included a Kid Acne owl tank top knitting pattern. Feel free to create your very own!

Knitting Pattern Poster    

Fox Fur Exhibition

Not sure what Ed's (AKA Kid Acne's) obsession with knitting is - maybe T-shirt boredom, although his choice of models may explain this project. We designed this mini-travelling exhibition.

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