We want to own the letter 'O'


Osmosis is a strategic branding consultancy, progressive and evolving constantly with a need for flexibility in their identity. Their existing branding didn't give them this so they asked us - strange, we thought, at first - why couldn't they brand themselves?! But we have a great working relationship - they know when it pays to get some outside perspective, and we continue to get our heads together when it seems like a bright idea.

Their brief:
We want a visual Identity bigger and deeper than a logo, colour, typeface and visual style; an identity that was individual, unique and memorable, that was inspiring, challenging and engaging. In short, “we want to own the letter ‘O’” - gulp! OK!

Owning the letter 'O'



We designed a living, flexible visual identity with the letter 'O' being a constantly changing shape across all marketing communications - unmistakably Osmosis.

Design Communications   
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We designed and art directed the photographic shoots relating to the core elements of their business strategic, consultancy, AV and events, all incorporating that Osmosis O. plus we created a bank of 'O' images, taking our Os out on location for lots of variety ad character.



Osmosis wanted a customisable brochure, describing only the services most relevant to each enquirer, so we created a wrap around folder and sector specific inserts, with space for case studies. I could bang on about the stocks and print techniques but that would be boring. The idea is always more important.



OK, so maybe we should mention print techniques, seeing as the letterheads and cards feature elaborate foil blocking on lovely duplexed (very thick) card. Nice! Osmosis can strategise and look good at the same time.

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