Platillos Brand Identity

Eat with abandon


Platillos is independently owned, the first restaurant opened in Sheffield's prestigious Leopold Square and its only non-chain outlet. Platillos offers a new take on tapas only they didn't want to use that word, because they didn't want to go down that faux Spanish route. This is small plates, with big flavours.



The client came up with the name and it was our job to develop and help create the brand experience.




The identity uses two interlocking Ps to form a heart symbol on a plate - Share what you love!




We love green and luckily so did the people at Platillos. This hand drawn logo worked well after many other solutions were binned. This just felt right - know what we mean?




These photos were fun to art direct and also very tasty. People, food, sharing enjoying, experimenting and genuinely having a good time. We had to create for the shoot the kind of energy and enthusiasm that the Platillos experience was going to be all about.



Table menus are always evolving at Platillos just like the food, so we kept them low cost and renewable. Kids get their own special sticker mezze, just for fun.

las caras para niños

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