U&I get personal

A name can make or break a brand




U&I offers training, mentoring and coaching to businesses and individuals. They do this with tailored one off training sessions, on going coaching and small group programmes. They change the way people work and make businesses better.

Before we created U&I the business was called KSA Learning Ltd. This sounded too provincial, lacked stand out appeal and was proving a real design millstone. We came up with the name and whole new brand message/language, simple! And it all started with U&I.

Business Cards   


Personalised training and mentoring needs personalised stationery. Through the interaction of exchanging details on the card and retaining half creates an immediate relationship between client and mentor.



U&I should know better by now we just cant stop ourselves. Why have a straightforward letterhead when you can have one that reinforces the brand message with a clever play on language? Simply highlight your choice of words!


From body shops to farming crops, U&I's client base is as varied as the tailored training they provide. We documented a number of sessions in a set of observational photographs to demonstrate U&I at work.



Print and production are important to us as well as pushing the message. The format of the brochure, parodying an office folder, is a collection of case studies all bound together with a steel file clip and personalised on the cover to the lucky recipient!

Website Website build by ninefootone



We designed and wrote all the content for the site aiming to keep it simple and in-line with the new brand identity.


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